Crawl in Bed With Avril Ashton

Crawling Into Bed With Avril Ashton
And a Good Book

Important things first, are these sheets silk or cotton? 

Cotton sheets

What are you wearing? A pair of Mr A's boxers and a t-shirt.

What are we snacking on in bed while we read tonight? 

Crackers and cheese. Or Cheez Doodles and beer. Either way, crumbs are all over the place.

If I open this nightstand drawer, what will I find? 

Fyah! (Kindle if you're nasty), a pink vibrator named Stanley, batteries, cookies. Chocolate. Mostly edible ish.

Do you roll up in the blankets like a burrito, or kick the covers off during the night? 

I roll up in them, if Mr A hasn't kicked them off both of us.

Can I put my cold feet on your calves to warm them up? 

Ha! No, you may not. That is my job. I do that to Mr A. I keeps me some frozen toes. Keeps him on his toes.

What are we reading?

Sinner, Savior [Brooklyn Sinners #2]


Sinner or Savior? Each man has a choice to make. It should be simple. It never is.

Gun runner Pablo Castillo has cemented his reputation in the gun trade as callous and cold-hearted. Personal feelings no longer matter, not with everyone out to make him a sacrifice on their way to the top. He remains untouchable, until a meeting with a rival gang leader and a new deal brings him face-to-face with temptation.

Dev is the right hand to a sadistic bastard out for blood and glory. He hides his true feelings of distaste for his boss, not the least of his many secrets. He could’ve sworn those secrets were safe, but after meeting Pablo he’s not so sure. The two men come together in a heated affair neither can deny, battling themselves, each other and a deadly enemy bent on spilling blood. Pablo and Dev will have to stick together or walk away from a love neither man expected to find. The choice should be simple. It never is.


“Fuck! What happened?” Dev pushed his way in and grabbed Pablo’s wrecked hand. “You’re bleeding.”

Pablo frowned and yanked his hand away. “What?”

Dev gestured. “I—You’re bleeding. There’s blood on your head and neck—” He lifted his hand and Pablo flinched away.

Dev blinked. “I heard about what happened.” He licked his lips and Pablo’s body clenched. “York knows and he’s looking for any way to exploit it.”

His lips were moving, but Pablo couldn’t fully process what Dev was saying. The plain white tee he wore hugged the muscles in his forearms and the distressed jeans were snug, covering shit Pablo suddenly salivated to see.

“Hey.” Fingers cupped his jaw, warm and rough. “Castillo, you okay?”

What the fuck was with all the concern? Pablo couldn’t bear it. He yanked Dev’s hand away from his skin and pushed him up against the locked door. Satisfaction settled in his gut, hot and addicting when Dev’s eyes widened and those Goddamn lips parted.

Dev’s movements stilled.

“If you want to talk, this ain’t the place.” He watched as his breath rustled the hair brushing Dev’s forehead.

“I want your mouth for something else,” he rasped. “Wrapped around my dick.”

Dev’s throat worked. His pupils dilated and Pablo rubbed against him, swallowing a moan. His prick ached with the contact but it wasn’t enough. Visions of Dev on his knees, mouth stretched wide around him, eyes bulging, sped up his hips.

Shit. He indulged in one last sweet grind before pulling away. Dev’s cheeks were flushed, eyes over-bright as his chest heaved. Pablo kept his gaze on him and palmed his own crotch.

“Get on your fucking knees.”

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  1. Great interview...cold toe! Love Sinner and Savior...

    1. I have a need to read this now- its sounds so hot!

    2. LOL Thanks Yvette, and Lee for having me on.

  2. Oh wow great interview!! I missed the first now will have to get both !!


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