Don't Miss This: Come Unto These Yellow Sands by Josh Lanyon

Don't Miss This..

Don't Miss This is a new effort by a few of us in the writing community who wanted to dedicate a little bit of our time to combating the negativity that seems to overwhelm us at times. Every Sunday on Face book we post a link with a snippet of a book, blog, new release, award...anything, as long as it is NOT ABOUT Self promotion. We'd like to show our appreciation for other writers, bloggers, readers, anyone.

I'm expanding that to my blog because I think it really is an awesome idea to let people know when they've touched you. So this week, I'm sharing one of my perennial favorites and go to re-reads:

Contemporary Mystery, Amateur Sleuth


Once a bad boy, the only lines Professor Sebastian Swift does these days are Browning, Frost and Cummings. When a student he helped to disappear becomes a suspect in a murder, he races to find the boy and convince him to give himself up before his police chief lover figures out he's involved.

Max likes being lied to even less than he likes sonnets. Yet his instincts --and his heart -- tell him his lover is being played. Max can forgive lies and deception, but a dangerous enemy may not stop until Swift is heading up his own dead poet's society.

Click the title for an excerpt- but suffice it to say that this portrayal of a reluctant sleuth, a man with the sense to hide behind his cop boyfriend rather than race into danger, is a fascinating glimpse into addiction and the recovering mindset as well as a neat little mystery. 

I hope you love it as much as I did! 

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  1. Great idea Lee! If I was a facebook-er id certainly be checking it out. As im not, I'll keep checking it out on here instead :)

  2. Great idea and I can only agree with this book recommendation. It's a favorite of mine too. :)

  3. looks awesome Great Idea I hope you dont mind if i borrow it for my blog also?


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