On Writing: Success

"Success is a finished book, a stack of pages each of which is filled with words. If you reach that point, you have won a victory over yourself no less impressive than sailing single-handed around the world."
--Tom Clancy

I measure success in my writing by a variety of factors, and any way I look at it, April has been a successful month so far. 

I finished the third episode of my Chances Are serial, completed edits on a Regency Romance due out May 1st from Evernight, and finalized preparations to release another short story this month in the Sweet Exchange Pulp Friction line. 

Of course, the list of items left to cross off my list is still growing faster than I can keep up with it. 

Most of all though? 

I count my success by the number of readers who have purchased my recent release, Setting the Trap. Thank you to everyone who has visited ARE or Amazon and picked up a copy. Setting the Trap has flirted with the bottom of the Amazon Top 100 Gay Romance list, and is in the Top 20 of the Drama category at ARE. 

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