Top 5 Songs to Celebrate

Top Five Celebration Songs

I've got a lot to celebrate this Monday, so this list seemed appropriate. I've finished two manuscripts over the weekend, and edits on another one.
Which means the rest of my April looks like two weeks of vacation time… No not really, I have some research to do and other projects to get started on (New Story Orgy anthology! Whoo Hoo!)

So I'm celebrating with some of my favorite feel good music
1.      Eye of the Tiger - Survivor
2.      Celebration – Kool and the Gang
3.      Dance Dance Dance  - Steve Miller
4.      Hand in My Pocket - Allanis Morrisette
5.      We Are the Champions _ Queen



  1. And you are chair dancing right? *winks*

  2. Wonderful song and amazing music thank you my sweet friend xx


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