Breathless Press Round Robin: Visit With Ann Harrison

Welcome to fellow Breathless Press author Ann Harrison today. 

1. Tell us a little about yourself.
Oh well let me see, I love reading writing and gardening and cooking. Never have enough time in the day. I have just moved to the lovely Hunter Valley in Australia where all the best wine comes from.
2. What authors are your heroes, or inspirations when it comes to writing? Is there anyone that you consider a mentor as it were?
No mentors as such no but I do have my favorite writers. Stephen King for his advice - my copy of Stephen King on Writing is so dog eared now. I love the freshness Deborah Harkness brings to adult paranormal romance - she is my favorite writer at the moment.
3. A lot of people think that Romance as a genre is a complete loss, because, well, you know going in how it's going to end. How do you keep that basic story line fresh in each book?
You may know it is going to end HEA but what about the road trip to get there? I bet if you wrote the beginning and end and gave it to 3-4 writers you would end up with totally different stories. We all have a different slant on a journey so to me that makes it worth while to read romance.
4. Are there any tropes that you avoid like the plague in your writing? Is there anything you'd like to try but haven't?
Not really. I think I've written all the different styles I want to and I tend to mix up my tropes. I write YA as well so that gives me a huge scope to work with.
5. And since we don't want this to be all about work, let's give the readers a glimpse of Ann at play. What do you do for fun? (Not writing!)
I love gardening and now we are in a cooler climate I can finally have all the spring flowers I've always wanted. Camping is high on the list when hubby can drag me away and I can stand with a fishing rod in my hands for hours on end.
6. Given the option of going back twenty years or forward, if you stayed the same age, which would you choose?
Some days I would love to go back and do all the things I know I've done wrong, but each of those things has led me to where I am right now and that's a pretty good place for me.

7. What's on the horizon with BP for you?
I have a new release out soon, Instant Families. Looking forward to that one. And I'm working on more rural
romance, there are two on the go at the moment as well as my YA.

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