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In 2013, I signed contracts for three books that will be published in 2014, all with Wilde City Press, and I'm excited about each of them for different reasons. First, BLOOD & STONE: VENOM VALLEY BOOK THREE, will be releasing sometime late February or early March. I am especially proud of this series; I think it's unique and scary, bringing back the bloodthirsty vampires of the old days.
2014 will also see the publication of my first mainstream novel, REPOSSESSION IS 9/10THS OF THE LAW. This is a humorous murder mystery told in first person present tense and should be available sometime late summer.
In the fall, just in time for Halloween and the spooky season, Wilde City will publish my ghost story WICKED REFLECTION, which has undergone a serious rewrite since it first appeared on my Story Orgy blog posts and later in our anthology with Breathless Press.
I'm currently working on book 4 of my Up to Trouble series with Loose Id, tentatively titled CHOKED UP. All I'll say about this book is, it's time for Pearce and Mark to get back to Detroit and deal with Robert Morgan once and for all. Oh yeah, it's on! No dates or contract for this book yet, I'm still writing it, but I hope to have it to my editor at Loose Id by the beginning of February, so maybe a late summer or early fall release.
As for writing oriented resolutions for the New Year, I intend to try and stick to a more rigid writing schedule. I have a lot of story ideas and really need to get my butt in the chair and get them written. We're kicking off the weekly Story Orgy posts again, so that should help fuel the writing fire.
Here's a little something to whet your appetite for BLOOD & STONE, and if you haven't read books one and two yet, now's the perfect chance to catch up here: http://www.wildecity.com/authors/hank-edwards/
     More wolves swarmed through the church doors, and behind her, Glory felt the heat of the fire swell as it grew larger. Ohanzee helped her dodge left and right, and Glory stabbed one wolf through the chest, then used her foot to push it off her sword. Before she could try for another, Ohanzee seemed to shove her aside, back from the doors. A second later, the horses bolted past, trampling several of the wolves and, from the cry that arose, one of the Army men, as well.

     Sure enough, once the horses had cleared the door and were fleeing along the road with the wolves snapping at their hind legs, Glory saw the young Private Kirby lying on the floor clutching his right foot.

     "Soldiers!" Sergeant Maxwell shouted above the noise. "Solider down! We leave no man behind. Stay together in tight formation!"

     Two other soldiers grabbed Kirby roughly beneath the arms and dragged him out the doors of the church. Glory looked back at Sally who stood flanked on either side by flames, tears running down her face and her arms outstretched as she laughed up at the shattered stained glass window. Turning away, Glory ran out the door behind Beatrice, keeping both hands tight on the handle of her sword as blood ran down her arm. Ohanzee's presence strengthened around her, and she knew they were not yet safe.


Four series, 21 books, one explosive finale.

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