Watching the Ball Drop with Havan Fellows

Howdy ya'll...Havan Fellows here. :) So Lee hunted me down and hip bumped me, telling me I have to make some New Year resolutions...um...so I should close the Candy Crush window right? *winks* Just kidding, I'm at the EDJ—can only get Bejeweled here. lol

Seriously though, this is the first year of the rest of my life...right? So many things I want to accomplish and so many things I feel I can't do...

Yeah, I'd kinda like to prove myself wrong.

Let's start with the "gimmes":
STORY ORGY IS BACK!!!! Every Monday, whether it is a hundred word flash, a promo for a new release (oh please lol) or a thousand word short...I will be on my blog making the most of it.
-and not to be out done-
PULP FRICTION IS BACK!!!! We gave you some kick ass men of Atlanta...what happens when we wrangle up some ass kicking men of Flagstaff? I'm not sure either...but I'll be front and center to find out. ;)

Okay—so those were the easy ones...let's delve a little deeper for the next couple of resolutions:
Anyone who knows me knows that I'm perpetually late with almost everything...I'm talking a 90/10 ratio against my good name. I'd sure like to make a resolution that I'll turn in my WIPs on time to my editor. Oh wouldn't that make her happy happy too! lol
Plus I'd like my BDSM series Secrets of the Sanctuary to maybe have a go at it this year...so far I've got two shorts for that series in the public eye: Hidden Needs (which should be edited maybe for re-release soon) and Secret Needs (a sexy little holiday short in Melting Jack Frost). I'm working on two longer stories: Forgotten Needs and Unspoken Needs, trying to get them finished and shined up.

And finally...there are two men that seem to be shouting at me now, wanting their turn in the spotlight. Over a year ago I started a book that finally got finished and published in Nov – Judging Jude. I'm really proud of this book—Lee calls Jude the anti-hero that everyone will fall in love with *squee*. Well, there are two guys who helped Jude in his trials...Wally and Doc. *looks around and leans forward to whisper* You know what? I think Wally just might like the Doc...and I'm pretty darn sure the Doc might like him back. So what's the problem? Well you know my men—nothing can be that simple. *winks*

So there you have it...*counts down the list* well crap! I've got way too many resolutions here...*heads desk* Like I don't know...five too many? lmao *hip bumps Lee back* so whatdoya say? Think you can keep me on track for another year? *big smiles* I guarantee I'll make it interesting for ya! hehe

Here's a little peekie poo at Judging Jude...guess what—it's half price at ARe right now! *winks*

Judging Jude excerpt:

Jude heard the door open.
"What's up, doc?" He laughed at his own joke.
Dr. Haims joined Jude at the window. "How're you feeling today? You got up on your own? That's good."
"Yeah, I even peed like a big boy all by myself."
"Well, it's been a couple of days. You should get up and move around by now. It's not like you were in a coma." Dr. Haims chuckled. "No matter what Billy thinks."
Jude kept his gaze trained on the silhouette of the trees and hoped he sounded nonchalant. "Is he still here?"
"Snoring on my couch as we speak."
"Doc? Can I ask you a question?"
Maybe Dr. Haims could feel Jude's insecurities, or maybe he had really good bedside manners. Either way he didn't try to face Jude or pry in any way. "You can ask anything you want. My answering, now, that's a different question."
Jude snorted solemnly. "Am I sober? I mean… two days, is that enough time for my system to clear out?"
He heard the long, deep intake of breath from the doc. "Technically, yes. For the poisons you took, they're gone from your body."
Jude continued to bore a hole through that window. "I'm lucid. It's been a long time since I've had real thoughts. I mean thoughts solely mine, not chemically induced. The headaches, the shakes, the nausea…I can handle all that. These thoughts scare the hell out of me, though.

"I can't go back home. If I do, I'll fall down the rabbit's hole again, and this time I might not get out…" 

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  1. Well, there will never be too many résolutions if it means more books from you!! Go Havan! And you know how I feel about the Sanctuary series... I WANT IT! So give it to me! As for Wally and the Doc... I bet they really like each other.
    Anyway, you have work to do my yang, so go, NOW! <3

    1. LOL thank you my yin...yes I will be very busy - but the good kind of busy! The Sanctuary is waiting. <3

    2. You tell her, Jade! *eyes Havan* You heard her. Get to work!


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