Cover Reveal: COLD COMFORT, In From the Cold #2 Pulp Friction 2014

I'm very excited this morning as I have new cover art to share with you. 

Meet Professor Finn Lorensson, Prince Charming wannabe and Pulp Friction Hero.

This gorgeous cover was crafted by the multi-talented Laura Harner, 
author of this year's Pulp Friction series, Fighting Fire

Cold Comfort 

Prince Charming Wannabe Finn Lorensson is living his own fairy tale. Sure, his intended is more frog than princess, but what's love worth if you don't have to slay a few dragons on the way?
Cannon Malloy is adapting…to life in Flagstaff, the cold, teaching...and to Finn. He's about decided that letting himself be loved isn't such a bad thing after all.
When an opportunist from Finn's past threatens both love and career, can the frog save his prince? 


APRIL 1, 2014

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