New Release! Are You Ready for Pulp Friction? The saga of Dagfinnr Lorensson and Cannon Malloy is complete! #pulpfriction #mmromance #serial #love

New Release: In From the Cold (Pulp Friction 2014 Compilation)

All 6 books for one low price!

Are you all caught up and ready for the December Finale of Pulp Friction 2014?

This compilation includes:

Cold Snap
 Professor of Literature Finn Lorensson is unashamedly a romantic. In his own words, he's a white knight in search of a charming prince to save. In fact, he's doing a good deed by stepping into the breach for his long-time friends and landlords at Mountain Shadows when a voice on the phone sends him tumbling headfirst into love/lust/fascination.
Four months later, a self-absorbed Dr. Cannon Malloy shows up in the flesh and has the poor grace to not remember their conversation. That could be because he's running from his past and too busy looking over his shoulder to appreciate what's right in front of him.
A winter storm and circumstance conspire to bring them together, but it'll take more than a charming smile and a pure heart to bring this frog-prince in from the cold.

Cold Comfort 
Prince Charming wannabe Finn Lorensson is living his own fairy tale. Sure, his intended is more frog than princess, but what's love worth if you don't have to slay a few dragons on the way?
Cannon Malloy is adapting…to life in Flagstaff, the cold, teaching…and to Finn. He's about decided that letting himself be loved isn't such a bad thing after all.
When an opportunist from Finn's past threatens both love and career, can the frog save his prince?

Cold Feet
 A visit from the fairy godfather has instilled in Cannon Malloy a newfound sense of self-appreciation. Radiating confidence and allure, he's drawn once again to Finn Lorensson's cabin. A night of passion is one thing…a life time of love another. How far will a little glamor go in changing a man's attitude?
Cannon's change of heart couldn’t have come at a worse time for Finn. The professor is facing an identity crisis his own. Since compromising his principles, Finn's armor weighs heavy and looks a little tarnished, at least in his own eyes.
How can a knight in dented armor resist dreaming of happily ever after when his frog prince is more charming than ever?

Taking Chances*

When a phone call to check up on an old friend ends in an abrupt "What the f*ck", Chance DuMont and his young lover, Rory Gaines, drop everything and fly off to Arizona to the rescue.
They've been through too much in the past year, and when it comes to the men they consider family, Chance and Rory aren't taking chances.

Out in the Cold 
They say all good things must come to an end, and Cannon Malloy is dreading the end of summer, the end of this job, and saying good-bye to Finn. So the frog prince makes grand plans to turn the tables, romancing and seducing his Prince Charming into waiting for him.
But Finn seems a little cold…a little distant, and a lot more eager for his departure than Cannon expected. Could there be something Prince Finn needs that Cannon isn't giving him?
Finn Lorensson is torn…while he'd like nothing better than to crawl in bed with Cannon and never come out, he's got real world villains to deal with, and Cannon is a lot safer in Atlanta. So he steels his resolve, and pushes Cannon away, feeling the pain of a broken heart is the just reward for his perceived misdeeds.
Sometimes, even the kiss of a frog prince isn't enough to repair a rusty suit of armor.

Cold Day in Hell

You've got to kiss a lot of frogs…
The long hard journey is over. Cannon Malloy's done hopping around, chasing after golden balls and elusive dreams. He's faced his demons, made his peace with his past. It's time to stop hiding, get out that suit of armor, try it on for size, and ride off into the sunset with his Prince Charming.
So why is Finn Lorensson suddenly more ogre than prince?
The beast on Finn’s back turned out more pathetic than ferocious, but still he can't break free from the chains that duty and self-image impose. He may be forced into the shadows, but it'll be a cold day in hell before this knight errant turns his back on love.
Because when you find that one in a million frog, who's a cursed prince in disguise…
Well, some things are worth fighting for.


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