3 Places I’d Rather Be Than Chained to a Computer #writingisajob #retreat #allworkandnoplay

Good morning friends and readers… *sips coffee* Thanks for stopping by today. Grab yourself a cup of java and hang out for a while. We’ve had more than our fair share of rain this summer, but at last the sun has come out and everything is bright, blue and beautiful.

So naturally, now that it’s lovely here in the Illinois countryside, wanderlust sets in and I find myself staring out the windows at the blue sky and the fluffy clouds… the deep green of the surrounding forest… and wishing I could be out there instead of in here, chained to a desk.

I look at the blank pages of a half dozen manuscripts that should be written, that are due to the editor, that will actually pay my bills, and instead of black and white I see golden sand and frothy waves, sweeping vistas of grass and wild flowers, rough hewn brick and crumbling towers.

Wanderlust. When I boil it all down, I come to three places I’d love to be writing right now that aren’t my kitchen, much as I love my little kitchen office.

Where? Lying on a lounger on a white sandy beach… somewhere in South Carolina, like this…

Or sitting on a deck staring out at forest… like this…

Or down on the deck of a gently rocking boat… like this ...

What about you? If you could run away from home and write anywhere you wanted… Where would you go?

Ooops! Busted. Running off to write now!

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