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From my earliest teen-age days… music and summer have gone hand in hand. I remember sitting on the bed, sunlight pouring through the open windows in the middle of my sibling’s room, trying to tune in local radio stations so we could sing along with The Steve Miller Band, Foreigner and The
Eagles. That's where we found out about Elvis's death... and John Lennon's.

On a transistor radio.


That’s love of music born in between static, chatty dj’s and endless commercials.

Summer calls forth the urge to listen to certain songs… for the feelings they evoke freedom, joy, romance. Remember Grease? Summer is all about the love affair you think is going to end when fall rolls around- it's hot, it's sexy, it's achingly short and intense.

Some of my favorite summer songs…

Margaritaville - Jimmy Buffet

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