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Hello friends!
Just thought I'd take a quick moment to invite you all Crawl in Bed with me. *gasps* I mean, to join my Face Book Group. It's become increasingly difficult with Face Book to reach readers via the Author Page I set up. Some kind of pay per view system seems to be in place. I wouldn't mind paying, but even when I paid to promote posts, it seemed like the people genuinely interested in my work weren't the ones FB was targeting.
I pondered for a while, but finally established a Face Book Group. It's where I plan to do most of my posting in the coming year, host a few contests, and goof off in general. The blog will still be here, and hopefully be seeing a bit more action than we managed this year, but…
Please click over to Face Book and join if you're inclined to communicate on a more personal level. You can hear my favorite music, see what I'm reading, and working on…and share your own faves as well.

See you there! 

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