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Hey everyone! *sips coffee* just a quick post today- as it's Saturday- to remind you that Havan and I are taking our Christmas book- Heart on the Run- on Tour with Pride Promotions. I know. It's still November. But I sit here shivering in my kitchen with news that Chicago is expecting 8 inches of snow, guys! Snow! It feels seasonal enough. J Besides, we're doing a great giveaway on this, a Kindle Fire. So far we've had a blast visiting blogs.

To recap, on last Tuesday we went to Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words where Sprocket tried to share Chaz’s goodies and MM Good Book Reviews Where they wanted to know about our ideal writing caves.

Then on Thursday, we visited our fellow Pulp Friction writer,
Parker Williams to show off our new book before hopping a bus to Parkerburg for the day with the Bayou Book Junkies readers. They surprised us there- in a good way- with a 4.5 star review J

Today we're adding stops at Cheekypee Reads and Reviews, Inked Rainbow Reads Click on over and see what's happening!.

Next week we'll be doing five more stops. Hope to see you there!

24-Nov: Elisa - My Reviews and Ramblings,
26-Nov: Unquietly Me, Love Bytes
28-Nov: Wake Up Your Wild Side, Happily Ever Chapter

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  1. I love the Christmas stories with snow and fires when I am suffering sweltering Aussie summers. It makes it feel christmassy

    The Pintrest "Pin it" button isn't working :(


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