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Good morning friends and readers! *sips coffee* It's a dreary, rainy, chilly day her in Southern Illinois, but wow has it been awesome so far! Started out with a thousand plus words this morning on a project my muse, Havan Fellows and I are working on. That's the way I like to start my day, with words!

Wanted to take a moment though to invite you all along as we take off on a tour tomorrow to celebrate the release of Heart on the Run. Will over at Pride Promotions took pity on us this time and we're doing a couple of spots a week for the next week. I may have whined a little too much about writing all the posts for the last tour. It starts tomorrow, so I hope to see you there! Uh... i mean, at Scattered Thoughts and Rogue Words and Mm Good Book Reviews, that is. I'll have to give you the links tomorrow.

Oh... nearly forgot. We're giving away... a Kindle Fire loaded with books! So make sure and enter the giveaway! 

And… *drum roll* There've been fabulous reviews for our new book, Heart on the Run too! Nothing creates sunshine in an author's heart like a review from someone who likes your work!

An Amazon 5 star review says "Sweet, sexy, and slightly smooshy"  Read More at Amazon

Add that to yesterday's review

4.5 Stars! From Claire at Divine Magazine
"Fabulous! That is all."
"This novel is angsty and frustrating, romantic and sexy, with MCs that really reach out and grab you. It's a fabulous book!"
Read More at Divine Magazine

And I didn't need to sweeten my coffee at all this morning!

Then someone shared this…

And I'm giggling like a loon. I'm tempted to test it. My cat suspects something might be up though… she's hiding in the crawl space and her companion is hovering on the windowsill… afraid to come in. Some kind of sixth sense?

In other news, the holidays are rapidly approaching and I'm getting ready for a great Black Friday sale at All Romance. Look for some good deals there on the day after Thanksgiving! Havan and I are writing away on a third Parkerburg book… I know right? It's addictive writing with someone who understands your characters so well.

Oh, and I am creating a holiday compilation too… gathering together all the holiday stories under one cover for a seasonal treat. That's my week, all planned out.
What are you all up to?

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