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Heart on the Run
Hearts of Parkerburg #2

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About the book
Charles Darwin Millsworth, Chaz to one and all since infancy, has no wish to live up to the grandeur of his name. Fortunately, his Southern belle mama isn’t at all inclined to push her son into a career that won’t make him happy. She thinks he needs to loosen up and enjoy life. After all, that’s the whole point of being independently wealthy, isn’t it?
Chaz can see her point, but his father died in his forties as did his father before him. As far as Chaz is concerned, he has limited time on this earth to make his dreams come true. And he refuses to leave anyone weeping over a wasted life.
Sprocket Moretti is a simple guy. He loves his job, enjoys college, lives in his beloved childhood home—why worry about the little things when the big stuff looks so good. Unfortunately, one of the little things he tries not to stress over is a broken friendship with a very hot and bewildering sous chef. They were pals, hung out and had fun. But one night they stepped over that invisible line, and the next morning Chaz kicked Sprocket out of his bed and his life.
Now, no matter how much Sprocket tries to charm Chaz, the guy has no desire to return to their pre-sex playful bantering ways. And if Sprocket stays true to his motto, this little thing—Chaz—should be written off and never worried about again.
If Sprocket had known one night of reality-altering orgasms would endanger their easygoing friendship… How do you finish that sentence when all your mind wants is its friend back and all your body wants is another taste?

The Hearts of Parkerburg stories can be read as standalones, each with a HEA...but trust me, you'll want to read about all the sweet happenings in this quaint little town.

An excerpt from the book
Shoring up his defenses, Chaz dragged in a deep, calming breath, counted to ten, like his mama taught him, and threw himself out into the fray.
The jangling bell attracted both Xander’s and Sprocket’s attention. Xander’s smile widened, his mouth parted to utter a greeting. Before any words came, though, Sprocket whirled with an excited squeal.
Chaz saw it coming. He held up a hand, as though that would do any good.
Xander saw it too. He stepped back and raised his Chinese takeout boxes.
Even Sprocket saw it coming. The squeal died. His cute little bow of a mouth turned into a startled “o” that triggered filthy memories Chaz had been suppressing for months.
The breeze caught one plastic lid, swirled it in a delicate dance of passion and denial, then swept it off down the street. A pumpkin and spice scented arc of coffee, thick and creamy and scalding hot, whirled up from the cup like a genie from a brass lamp, seemed to hover in midair, choosing its target, before darting forward and tagging Chaz squarely in the chest.
He dropped his hand, squeezed his eyes shut, and counted again. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. He opened his eyes and reassessed the situation. “Hello, Sprocket, Xander.”
“Hi there, Chaz.” Xander’s eyes danced merrily, and his lips twitched.
“I’m so sorry!” Sprocket reached, coffee cup in hand to help. “Let me—”
“No. I’m fine.” Instinct kicked in, self-preservation…whatever. Chaz backed away from that reaching hand, ignoring the hurt in Sprocket’s gaze. “Got to get the boss’s coffee.” He bolted around the two, aware of their voices as the distance between them increased.

Sprocket tapped his tongue against the double studs in the left side of his bottom lip as he stared at the quickly disappearing figure. He was ready to throw in the towel—which would’ve come in seriously handy a few moments ago—with trying to patch things up with Chaz. Anybody else he probably would’ve. If someone wanted nothing to do with him fine, so be it.
Except, losing an associate didn’t bug him as much as this chasm between him and the sous chef. Who knew their light friendship meant so much to him?
He stared at the entrance to Prudence’s coffee shop where Chaz had disappeared.
Yeah, Sprocket missed the easy conversations they used to share, the jokes and laughs. He didn’t understand why everything had suddenly screeched to a halt.
Okay, technically he did understand it. Some people couldn’t differentiate between sex for pleasure and sex for forever…and maybe Chaz was one of those people. But if Sprocket had known that their one time almost a year ago would fuck up their friendship…hell, he didn’t know. Would he have stopped Chaz from talking him into going over for a homemade dinner on the house? Would he have stopped Chaz when the lean, handsome auburn-haired man started undressing him? Would he have stopped Chaz when the man dropped to his knees and stared up with those intense sky blue eyes?

The Reviews are coming in!
4.5 Stars! From Claire at Divine Magazine
"Fabulous! That is all."
"This novel is angsty and frustrating, romantic and sexy, with MCs that really reach out and grab you. It's a fabulous book!"

If you enjoyed this visit to Parkerburg, check out Christmas in His Heart!

Available at 

Christmastime brings joy to hearts everywhere. Between snow angels, festive clothing, holiday decorations, and of course, all the beautiful lights, it’s hard not to partake in the season.

Unless you no longer have Christmas in your heart.

Dermot Alasdair has never shared the horrific memories that keep him from celebrating the happiest time of the year, nor does he ever plan to. He’s fine being alone and shut off from everyone; he has his restaurant and that’s all he needs. He believes that, too…until the craft store next door from his eatery hires a perpetually smiling annoyance. Really, it isn’t normal for someone to be that happy all the time.

Xander Leahman didn’t know what he was getting into when he accepted an invitation to visit his best friend and help her interview people for the newly created position of manager at Craft Time. When a surly man bumps into him and then walks away with an enticing sway to his hips, Xander decides the position—and Dermot—are perfect for him. Now all he can think of is finding ways to get Dermot out of his clothes. Well that, and how to open this grinch’s heart to the Christmas season and, hopefully, love.

Shawna started flipping through the haphazardly chicken-scratched pages. “I put the ordering codes for those pre-made kits in here somewhere. Mrs. Mincer’s new project reminded me I wanted to order some for the endcap on the back aisle. I think the kids would love them as Christmas gifts.”
Xander leaned on the counter and tried to read the pages upside down, which wasn’t hard considering some of them were evidently written upside down. “As long as you don’t plan to try and pawn one off on Mrs. Mincer, imagine her outrage at a pre-made feeder,” he whispered.
Shawna gasped. “Do I possess such nerve?”
“Yeah, you do.” He straightened and wiped his hand over the counter, brushing off nonexistent dust. “So, I’m thinking of grabbing some lunch at Alimentaire today, you want me to bring you anything?”
The speed with which Shawna jerked her head up would’ve given a weaker person whiplash. “Xander…”
“What?” He grabbed his coffee mug and downed the now cold liquid in two gulps. “Oh, look at that, I’m empty. Would you like a cup?” He turned before she took him up on his offer and fast-walked toward the office where the little kitchenette was located. It wasn’t much really, a counter with a stainless steel sink, tiny microwave, and coffee maker. Underneath, a mini-fridge nestled between two storage cabinets.
“Don’t think you can dodge me that easily.” She rounded the corner and burst into the room like a woman on a mission. “You’re going over there to see him. Don’t deny it.”
“I deny nothing, and admit to the exact same thing. What’s the big deal? He’s a nice guy.”
A snort was her elegant response. He raised his eyebrow to her while reaching for the coffee pot.
“He’s mean, Xan. You don’t do mean, you do happy.”
“He’s sexy. I do do sexy,” Xander countered.
She rolled her eyes and laughed. “Oh, so you’re using that head to eat lunch with.”
“Maybe I just want to see if I can make him smile.” Xander sighed.
She shook her head at him. “Just don’t tell him any of your jokes.” Carefully snatching the now full and doctored coffee mug in his hands, she winked. “You want him to laugh with you, not at you.”
“Oh, ha ha,” he grumbled, suppressing the urge to give her back the middle finger salute.

All Romance eBooks Reader Reviews (2)
Submitted By: JymmyRob on Dec 13, 2014
This is a very smooth and heart encompassing read. Xander and Dermot, each with their own unique characteristics and endearing qualities, are at once so easy to respect and to love; and this is continually built upon and carried throughout right to the last sentence of the tale. There are no crevasses that the reader must leap over, no rapids to navigate, not even a snow storm to maneuver through; just a delightfully captivating fantasy to experience and savor!

Submitted By: karenminfl on Dec 9, 2014
We get to see two strong men. One has every reason to hate Christmas and Xander is willing to keep things simple for his man. They have so much to work through and a near disaster almost derails the whole thing. This story really gives you a great feeling for the Christmas reading season.

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