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Good morning friends! Not much going on today. *sips coffee* But I did want to make sure and point out to you that there is a huge, must read sale going on at Dreamspinner right now. I have a message here that I stole from Parker Williams on Face book about it:

K.c. Wells and I would like to invite you to get in on a great series and save some money while doing it! December 21, 2015 is when Dom of Ages releases everywhere. To celebrate, Dreamspinner Press will be having the first six Collars & Cuffs books on sale for ONE BUCK EACH!

You can get An Unlocked Heart. You can get Trusting Thomas. You can get Someone to Keep Me. You can get A Dance With Domination. You can get Damian's Discipline. You can get Make Me Soar. All for one dollar each. J

Then don't forget to grab Dom of Ages, which is on pre-sale now at DSP now, too.

It doesn't get much better than that, now does it? Go, click over and enjoy!

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