Lucky SEven: Taking on the Backlist: Keeping House

Here are the rules for the Lucky Seven Meme:
*Go to page 77 or 7 of a backlist WIP
*Go to line 7
*Copy down the next 7 lines (sentences or paragraphs) and post them exactly as they're written. No cheating.
*Tag 7 authors
*Let them know

I'm using my backlist- and this is Keeping House, the first of the Truth or Dare books. 

Seven sentences from page 77. 

 “But…” the third brother tried to speak, but Donovan had listened to enough bullshit.
 “But nothing. You all need to figure out that Mischa is an adult capable of making his own choices and seeking his own path in life. He has strength of character and intelligence. Quit trying to force him into a mold you’ve made for him, and stop trying to manipulate him into doing what you want him to when he has the balls to tell you to go to hell.” Breathing heavily, he came to a stop as he realized he’d been shouting at the thunderstruck brothers.
 The eldest snarled at him.

I'll tag seven other authors when I post the link... 

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