Crawl in Bed With NR Walker

Crawling Into Bed With NR Walker And a Good Book 

Important things first, are these sheets silk or cotton? 

Cotton. 1200 thread Egyptian cotton. My bed is a King size and we had the frame hand made from the timber from an old bridge they were demolishing in the area.  The bolt holes are a feature, if not convenient... LOL

Wow! I never would have noticed. What are you wearing? 

Boring cotton pj pants that are striped in pinks and greys and a matching t-shirt style top.  Not sexy by any means, but I’ll take super comfy over impractical and uncomfortably sexy any day.

What are we snacking on in bed while we read tonight? 

Um, no snacking in my bed. If you get crumbs of any kind in my bed, I get all ragey. LOL

*closes mouth and swallows* Right…. No snacks. *grumbles* Should have eaten dinner, I guess.  If I open this nightstand drawer, what will I find?

Notebooks, notepads and pens.  No sex toys unfortunately, just writing stuff. Some notepads are full of scenes, chapters, stories, character descriptions, some are blank and waiting. LOL It’s not that I write in bed (not always, anyway) but it’s just where I keep them. My kids don’t go through our bedside tables, so there’s no risk of notepads being ‘borrowed’ and subsequently read.

*eyes notebooks* So this is where the ideas begin? Do you roll up in the blankets like a burrito, or kick the covers off during the night? 

I’m the burrito. My husband kicks the covers off and I’m always cold – it’s a perfect match. LOL

Can I put my cold feet on your calves to warm them up? 

OMG hell no. I can’t stand anyone’s feet on me. At all. I do put my feet on my hubs when I get into bed LOL

Well, that's fair enough. I don't care for cold feet on me, either. Then again, finding someone whose feet are colder than mine is kind of challenging. What are we reading? 

Well, I’m not reading anything at the moment, but the last thing I read was “One Breath, One Bullet” by S.A. McAuley.  I loved it. The sequel has just come out and it’s next on my TBR list, but I’m stuck in the middle of editing, and trying to write a story that’s proving difficult. I find I can’t read other people’s stories when I’m writing – my characters get muddled with theirs.

My latest release, Elements of Retrofit, is the first in my Thomas Elkin Series.

Generation versus generation, traditional versus contemporary, these men are about to learn a lesson in architecture and love. Can they prove that the old and new can be the perfect design?
A successful New York architect, Thomas Elkin almost has it all. Coming out as gay and ending his marriage before his fortieth birthday, he needed to start living his life. Now, four years later, with his relationship with his son back on track, and after a few short-lived romances, this esteemed traditional draftsman thought he knew everything about architecture, about life.
Cooper Jones, twenty-two years old, is about to take the architect world by storm. Talented, professional, driven, and completely infuriating, Cooper is the definition of Generation Y.
Starting an internship working with Thomas, Cooper is about to knock Tom’s world off its axis. Tom can teach Cooper about the architecture industry, but Cooper is about to teach Tom what it means to live.

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