Top Five: Creepy Halloween Songs

Good morning friends and readers! Grab yourself a cup of coffee and a cookie- they don't bite, though the calories may come back and get you! Today is another beautiful, crisp fall morning and in keeping with my Halloween spirit - I used to love dressing up as a kid- I've got a new batch of songs for you today. These are Halloween in spirit if not in name, and you're sure to get a chill if you listen to them all!

Top Five Favorite Halloween Songs

1. Spooky - Classics IV
2.  Werewolves of London _ Warren Zevon
3. Thriller - Michael Jackson
4. Somebody's Watching Me - Rockwell
5. I Put  a Spell on You - Screaming Jay Hawkins

Happy Haunting to You! 

Want a bit of seasonal reading to accompany your music?


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A Ghostly Story for the Season 

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