Fabulous Review from Mrs. Condit's for Temptation!

I had the good fortune to be reviewed at Mrs. Condits, where Kym had the following to say about Temptation, my last m/m/m piece with Breathless Press.

“I’m pretty certain, “ the man chuckled, “That I would have been tempted to treat you badly myself if you’d spent our whole dance flirting with someone else over my shoulder.”
“I’m equally certain,” I licked my lips, “That if you were my dance partner, I would not be flirting with anyone else.”

GENRE: M/M/M, menage
RATING: 4 Sweet Peas!
 photo Temptation.jpgBLURB: After a hot interlude at a holiday party, Lake Wynters and Solomon Arsdale exchange phone numbers but not promises. Lake is fine with that until something happens he’s never experienced. As days pass without Solomon calling, Lake discovers he just can’t forget the sexy older man. Giving in to temptation, he takes matters into his own hands and visits Solomon at his office, breaking his own dating rules.

"Lee Brazil’s writing is emotional and angst-y. Lake is high maintenance and, luckily, he finds two men who are committed to welcoming him into their relationship.
There’s no real heavy thinking to Temptation; it’s just a great ménage love story that leaves a happy feeling when the final words are spoken."

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