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Trick or Treat?

 Lots of great deals on my books this month! 
Check out these sale prices and fill in any gaps in your collection! 

At All Romance eBooks 

Chances Are                       99 cents at ARE
Harold's Haven                  2.99 (25% off ) at ARE
A Beautiful Silence          1.99 (50% off) at ARE
A Visit to His Tailor           1.00 (50% off) at ARE
A Debt of Honor: Collected          1.00 (50% off) at ARE
Engagement at the Theater        1.00 (50% off) at ARE
Randall's Romance                          2.99 (25% off) at ARE


Chances Are       $0.99 (~66% off) with code FM25N until 2013-10-22

Encounter           $0.99 (~66% off) WITH CODE AB98Q UNTIL 2013-10-31

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