WIP Wednesday : Gerard's Gamble

Still working my way through Gerard's Gamble, which is turning out to be more complicated than I thought it would be. Today I have just a small snippet, completely unedited, mind you. 

Gerard's Gamble excerpt
Copyright 2013 Lee Brazil

Weak winter light from the windows cast a halo of gold and fiery red highlights about the bent head, turning plain brown hair into a mystery of color, outlining lean features with shadows and highlights.
"Martin," he breathed softly.
The man at the desk looked up and his expression softened into a welcoming smile. Gerard's heart tripped, stilled and then resumed a hasty thump the made his breath catch in his throat. "Gerard, you are back sooner than I expected. How did your errand go?"
"Well, Perry as you say, caught on quickly to my ruse, and though I daresay he's got a dozen questions, I'm sure his agile mind filled in the blanks." He turned the key in the lock and began to cross the room, feeling his interest stir as Martin's blue eyes widened and his nostrils flared. "He'll be back this evening, as will the other boys, if I don't miss my guess. But…"
He paused at the edge of the desk, staring intently at Martin, taking in the beating pulse in his temple, the faint flush on his cheekbones. *Holding out a hand, he quirked a brow in inquiry. Martin slipped an ink-stained hand into his, and rose, a bemused expression on his face.
"Are you asking me to dance?" Gerard smiled at the gentle mockery.
"Something like that. We have unsettled business, you and I. Would you care to join me in a drink while we talk?" He tugged Martin out from behind the desk and over to the flickering fire.

"I…" Martin fumbled at his pocket and extracted a silver cheroot case. "I think I need a smoke."

Gerard's Gamble is the third of my contributions to the Behind Closed Doors Series I am writing in conjunction with Raven McAllan. 

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