Positivity Challenge Day #3 #allgoodthings #positivity

Good morning all! I have my coffee here, and I'm going to start the day off right with my positivity challenge. 

Day 3 of 5. Havan Fellows tagged me to list 3 positive things for 5 days and challenge 3 people each day to take the Positivity Challenge. So here goes...

1. Bread is readily available on grocery store shelves, and I do not have to get up every morning, pummel a bowl of dough into submission and bake a loaf for the day. I can just open a bag and grab a few slices for my toast.

2. Toast is a wonderful meal, though maybe a BIT unhealthy, its golden, crumby, butter soaked temptation is a treat I couldn't do without.

3. Living in the country, there are a multitude of wonderful farmers markets and road side stands to provide for our produce needs. Today, I have three dozen ears of corn to process for freezing, which means I get to experience the bounty of summer in the depths of winter.

Today, I'm going to challenge Em Woods, Jade F. Baiser & Leona Bushman. Have fun!

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