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Happy Sunday everyone! *sips coffee* The sun has returned from hiatus and that makes me happy. It also seems to be getting crazy hot out there, and I've already turned the ac on. Can't let the house get too hot, can we? Remember, the sale on Mark's Opening Gambit at All Romance  ends on the 31st. Don't miss out! I’m planning a few sales for September, but don't have details yet. Will let you all know when I have them.

What kind of food do mummies like?
Lettuce wraps!

In other news, I posted the fourth chapter of Mum's the Word to the blog this morning. You can catch up to it HERE. The story seems to be flowing nicely now. I have Monday's post ready to go as well, which means I'm back on schedule and back to weekly posts. Chatted with Havan last night and she gave me some great inspiration for a scene or two that just might be hair raising This horror is a new genre for me, so I'm not really sure how effective it's being. You drop me a line and let me know what you think, okay?

Got a nice line-up of music cued for today. Started out with some Petty , following that up with Steely Dan and Journey's Don't Stop Believing. Musical inspiration. What's your go to band to break writer's block?

Took a break from The Walking Dead to binge watch a few episodes of another of my favorite shows: Top Chef. I'm getting antsy about season 13. Can't wait for it to start. I've learned a lot from watching this show. For instance:

      1.     There are people who peel peppers. Never in my life had it even occurred to me to do this. The peel on a pepper is so thin, it's practically non-existent. But Tom Colicchio says it's bitter, not to be born.
2.      A few grains of salt make all the difference. Incredibly, there are those people out there who can distinguish how much salt, down to the grain, you put in your recipe. If I heard the judges say it one, I heard it a dozen times, "With a few grains of salt, this would be amazing, but now it's just blah."
3.      Wylie Dufresne is awesome. I never heard of Wylie, or gastro molecular cookery until Top Chef. I still don't care much for gastro cookery- I like my food plain and simple and looking like what it tastes like- but Wylie is adorably geeky with his long straight hair, round features and glasses.
4.      Fine dining is not intended to meet the dietary or nutritional guides of any human being. So if you're planning on eating out at a nice place, have a hearty snack beforehand.
5.      Never make risotto. Risotto is NOT just rice. It's apparently a cult all of its own. I swear, a dozen people must have been sent home for their risotto, and some of them were quite bitter over it.
Can't wait until October to meet the new cheftestants! What about you? Are you a Top Chef fan? Who's your favorite contestant?

Thanks for hanging out with me, y'all. It's time grab some lunch and get to work.

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