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Here's an unofficial sneak peek at the cover art for Story Orgy's new superhero stories. Designed by Startled Monkeys Media, these covers are just as fun and fabulous as they stories they go with. (links, excerpts, etc to follow at a later date)

A Man of Unusual Talent 
A contemporary m/m superhero romance 

Based on a prompt by Cheri Taylor 

"1)Ability to magically manifest a giant pile of marshmallows 2) accidentally setting one's car on fire (on the inside) 3) a vegetable peeler"

Collin Crane is a man of unusual talent. Really unusual. Too weird for the Guinness Book unusual. On the fifty-year plan to a doctoral degree in physics, and a quiet quest to understand his own oddities, Collin clings to obscurity.  This superhero has learned the hard way that it's better to be safe than sorry.

Enter Mathias Giraud, football hero, local cop, and CC's secret fantasy since high school. Mat's a simple man with a hero complex fostered by comic books and Marvel movies. Saving the world is his fantasy, but since his roots are firmly planted in Morrisonville and reality, he'll settle for protecting and serving. Until he clashes with CC at the local convenience store and is reminded of his own high school crush.

When marshmallows are involved, the course of true love is bound to get sticky. 

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