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Good morning everyone! Happy Monday in which I am tardy with just about everything. Except this. There's about sixteen hours left to enter the gift card giveaway HERE . And I'd like to thank all the French readers who have been purchasing LaVieille Buvette.  It is currently doing very well at Amazon France. Merci Beaucoup to you readers, and to Jade and Valarie at Juno.  

Where do mummies go to swim?
The Dead Sea!

Today's foremost project is finishing up that Story Orgy post to get up today. Then I have to do some work on a compilation or two. I recently removed all my titles from the Amazon Kindle Unlimited program. I found that I was being paid about half a cent per page read, and earnings were not very much. Well, most of my stories are pretty short, and that's exactly what this KU payment plan change was aimed at: reducing payments for short stories and increasing payments for longer ones. That's awesome for longer stories; I have some friends who are doing very well with their longer works and with compilations of shorter stories. When I removed the shorts from KU I thought I'd get some compilations- I have a few ready already- up there. Just never got around to it. So part of today is going to have to go to starting that process.

Last night I started watching NCIS. Yes. Netflix has 12 seasons of this show, and I've never seen it. We ended up binging and watching four episodes. I find it a little slow moving in parts and in the very first episode, a bit more than my brain could accept. What kind of terrorist, having an opportunity to get to the president, and a proven poison, would opt for stealing a gun from a locker and shooting instead? However, the show was attention getting, and clearly habit forming. And I'm not just saying that because Mark Harmon is pretty to look at. Okay, not so much pretty as compellingly handsome.

It's chilly and fall like outside, and I have a dozen ripe tomatoes, so I think dinner tonight will be grilled cheese and homemade tomato soup. That's always a favorite around here. Tomato soup is so easy to make, too. I can't believe I used the canned stuff for so long. Today, I'm using a crockpot recipe version. Haven't tried it before, but how can it go wrong?

Time for some Petty. - *turns up the music* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxpPpjuZCj8.   "I'm going down to the house in the woods…"

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