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Good morning everyone! After watching a lovely sunrise this morning I am feeling inspired! Raced right over to YouTube to pull up some of my favorite music. It's really a David Bowie kind of day. Speaking of, my absolute favorite is this one: Lady Stardust. What's your go to inspiration music?

Again, thank you to all the French readers who have been purchasing La Vieille Buvette.  It is currently doing very well at Amazon France. Merci Beaucoup to you readers, and to Jade and Valarie at Juno.

In other publication news… my editor tells me that Telling the Truth, Truth or Dare #2 will be ready for publication at the end of this month as planned. I'm in consultation with the cover artist right now, the fabulous Laura Harner, and she says the same. After the gorgeous Keeping House cover she created, I cannot wait to see this one!

What do you call a hairy beast that’s lost? 
 A where-wolf! 

Guess what movie we watched last night? Go on… guess… That's right! Monster Squad. I remember this movie from when it first came out way back in the eighties. It's a feel good, warm-hearted movie that is great for a few spooky thrills and laughs. That right there is one of the best lines of the movie, and probably one of the most quoted movie lines of the decade. If you haven't seen and don't mind not being grossed out by gore, give it a watch.

Found this link in my email this morning. Are you a writer? Give it a read. Yes, it's Wendig and he's a bit… off color? You know, a touch of foul language and er… colorful metaphors and all, but he says things we writers need to hear.

I know that there are times when I struggle with motivation. Sometimes I lose the battle and end up doing one heck of a lot of house cleaning and laundry rather than putting words on a page. I figure that's okay, because as long as it all evens out, it's all good right? Give it a read. I guarantee you'll come out of it all rah rah sis boom bah and ready to write. I did. And so… I'm off to the WIP pile to throw some words at the screen and see if any of them stick.

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