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Good morning friends and readers! *sips coffee*  It continues to be hot as all get out here, but that just means its perfect weather for planning our 4th of July bash.

Perhaps bash is a little overly er... I might be exaggerating just a wee bit. The truth is, it's just family. About a dozen people altogether.

We're picking up fireworks and plotting out what to throw on the grill, and of course, nothing says summer like a sweet, tangy margarita. I've got the Pinterest open in another browser tab and I'm trying to narrow down from hundreds of possibilities to about five that I can make up and taste test over the next few weeks. Have to choose just one. I'm going for flavor, but also want something with a celebratory appearance.

So far, it's looking like these are my best options:

Blueberry Margarita I happen to have a ton of frozen blueberries on hand already because they have been on sale here a lot, and I use them in a lot of baking. So this would be handy.

Blood Orange I love the color. I'm just not sure my local grocers can come through on the blood oranges. Am I prepared to drive an hour in search of blood oranges? Maybe.

Blue Margarita Only four ingredients. That means quick and easy to prepare. And a very pretty blue
in color.

Strawberry Mango  Look at the color on that one! It's amazingly red :) Plus, this one has the added benefit that I'm a huge fan of mango. Love it.

Then there's this...

Tequila Lime Crush It's not very patriotic in appearance, but it does look pretty intense and flavorful. Crushed pineapple? What says summer better?

Anyway, I'm hoping to narrow down my selection to just one by the 4th. Maybe two. Two margaritas isn't too many is it? I suppose I should have a pitcher of something else on hand for anyone who doesn't like tequila. SMH Philistines. 

Right then. Off to make up the shopping list and put words on the page. You all have a great day. 

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  1. do the strawberry and a blue one ( the blood orange looked amazing but no way I can get any around here..


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