Lost Glasses, Universal Mysteries, Rocking On #writestuff #caffeinateme

Good morning friends! *sips coffee* That's as far as I got this morning. It is now 6pm and I am finally back to working on the blog post for the day.

On the plus side? It's a much nicer, more mellow day than in recent weeks. Nice cool breeze, only about 85, and yeah. Mellow.

I'm still soaking in the atmosphere of that new Mudcrutch album. Loving it, I tell you. Tom Petty and company are the best.

Among othe rthings, I spent half an hour looking for my glasses this morning. Totally not my fault, either because as it turned out, the cat had borrowed them during the night.

Then this happened.

Incredible. We have the ability to locate a single molecule in the depths of the galaxy, and yet I cannot find my shoes ten minutes after taking them off. #mysteriesoftheuniverse

All sorts of fabulous archeological stories, too. Tons of inspiration for my Ocean Archeologist story- wonder where I put that WIP? Tiem to drag it to the for and get some work done on it.

Not tonight though.

Tonight... I write the prompt. That's right. Story Orgy prompt time is here again. Look for a snippet of m/m romance next Monday to go with the prompt "Every morning..."

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