Happiness, Siesta, Mudcrutch! #caffeinateme #writestuff

Good morning! *sips coffee* It continues to be unrelentingly hot out, and I have come to understand the concept of a siesta as never before. The heat saps your energy like nothing else. Therefore, I've been trying to work early in the morning. My plans today were foiled by an internet outage. Isn't that the way things go? As a result of the outage, I wound up losing consciousness instead of working, and I don't think it counts as a siesta if you fall asleep before 9 and wake up before noon. 

So I'm totally stoked today because I just discovered that Tom Petty has a new album out. Mudcrutch 2 released on May 20th and I am jubilant. I can be that, right? I know it's usually used for things like British Queen's extravaganza's - does anyone else remember the jubilee? But anyway... New Tom Petty music is a reason to celebrate at our house. Break out the crystal, buy a new bottle of honey jack and climb up on the roof. Crank the sound up loud and watch the stars for a few hours. 

Not that I'm waiting for darkness to fall to listen to this baby. No way. 

In fact... I'm going to have to cut this post short so I can just kind of dive into the music. Y'all understand I'm sure. See you later!

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