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Good Morning! *sips coffee* Welcome. It's a whole new world out there folks, and I do not know what to make of it. We shall see how it all goes. Work wise, it's going fairly well. Havan Fellows and i have just finished edits on Spark to the Heart, book 4 in the Parkerburg series. We have a tentative release date planned for that, on February 13th, I think. Pending cover art and proofing, look for excerpts, buy links, cover reveals and a little give away celebration right here. Soon. 

On the Story Orgy front, we've got a new project! Project Fortune Cookie is underway and I am off to a great start with a blurb and a few hundred words. I've got an iffy character name situation though, and am looking for suggestions! Look for more Fortune cookie updates and information over the next few months. Tentative completion date on that project June, with a publication goal of August. 

Also, don't miss this! Crawl in Bed is Back! Check out  Crawling Into Bed With Rio Buchanan from Killer at Christmas by Kera Faire. More interviews to follow. I've got Kimi Saunders and Haley Walsh coming up in the next few weeks. 

Enough work. So, this has been nagging at me for the last few days. Feel free not to read my pre-coffee ranting. Also, SPOILER ALERT! If you're not caught up on Top Chef read no further!

#TopChef, two weeks ago, Jamie Lynch had immunity. The judges made a huge issue about how awful his dish (Chicken satay made with peanut butter *shrug* pedestrian, but really, how bad can it be?) was, and how someone on his team was going home and it was his fault. SO he gave up his immunity- and he went home. Everyone acted so shocked, like it had never been heard of. BUT, I clearly recall at least two times when the judges indicated QUITE strongly that they felt the person with immunity should sacrifice it because their dish was the worst on the team. One was season 11 in New Orleans where Nick made corn silk birds' nests and everyone hated them. He had immunity so Stephanie went home, even though everyone loved her dish. It annoyed me then, how big a deal they made out of the fact that Nick didn't give up his immunity. The whole point of immunity is to protect a chef when they make a cooking gaffe. Take that away, and there are many chef's who wouldn't have made it to the finale.

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There. I said it. *fills coffee cup* Back to regularly scheduled programming.

That's it folks, all the news that's fit to print. I'm off to put some words on the page and dinner on a plate. Or in a crockpot, for you know, dinner later.

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