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Good morning! *sips coffee* Posting quick today because I have a lot of posts to get squared away for the upcoming release of Spark to the Heart. Speaking of: COVER ART! A gorgeous cover has hit my inbox and I am so excited to share it with you all. There's a giveaway in the offing, and so much more...

ETA: Flash sale at Dreamspinner Press today! Flash sale of 12 eBooks for 99 cents each and 30% off featured authors' backlist! Titles by Amy LaneAndrew GreyAriel TachnaMickie AshlingZ Allora AlloraZahra OwensAllison CassattaAnne BarwellJacob FloresShira AnthonyKZ Snow , Zoe Lynne - Fiction For LGBT Youth Dreamspinner Press

But first, I have to ask. Has anyone been watching The Magicians? At first I was iffy about this show, but now I'm hooked. And Netflix only has season 1. I understand season 2 is starting soon on cable, but I do not do cable. (Honestly, I can't believe anyone still does. Hundreds of dollars, hundreds of channels, and still nothing to watch. That's why we gave it up.) So, I'm filling my Amazon cart with Lev Grossman's books. Anyone read the books? I so hope the books are as good as the show.

Last time I did this, it was with a book that Amazon was doing a pilot on. I was majorly disappointed. *fingers crossed*

So... this caught my eye on the Facebook when I was supposed to be working the other day, and I had to grab it.

Ranch cook against restaurateur—who does it better?
Hayden McGrath has the formal training and knowhow to run one of the best farm-to-table restaurants in the city. This year he wants to prove his worth by entering the barbecue competition at the American Royal. It has nothing to do with a certain cowboy from the Flying P…
Amos Vasquez has been the ranch cook at the Flying P Retreat since it was an actual ranch. Now it’s a place tourists flock to so they can have a taste of his food. This year he is going to win the barbecue competition and nothing will stand in his way, not even a certain sexy redheaded restaurant owner who has caught his eye.
This will be the barbecue competition to beat all competitions at the American Royal.

I am a sucker for certain themes in romance, and cooking is one of them! You bet that landed in my cart and is near the top of the TBR right now. I have to finish Hidden Figures, then I"m on it. 

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