Crawl in Bed With Elodie Parks

Crawling Into Bed With

Elodie Parkes

And a Good Book

Important things first, are these sheets silk or cotton? 
Cotton definitely, I find white cool cotton sheets very sexy
What are you wearing? Depends on who I'm with and the time of day, so maybe a T-shirt and boy shorts

What are we snacking on in bed while we read tonight?

If I open this nightstand drawer, what will I find? 
eye drops, an iPad, kleenex

Do you roll up in the blankets like a burrito, or kick the covers off during the night?

I use a 'duvet' or quilt so no blankets and it kinda just moves with me

Can I put my cold feet on your calves to warm them up?

What are we reading?

The Horoscope Writer

A love at first sight story. Two people hungry for love.
Something draws Cassie to Dominic and it's not just that he's gorgeous.
Dominic struggles with a secret and the intoxicating degree of his love for Cassie.
A winter warmer. 
A delicious love story with a twist.

Cassie and Dominic's love is written in the stars.

Her hands felt cool on him, and he was still thrusting his hips, as he moved his fingers in her. Cassie was close to coming and she kissed Dominic shaking a little against his lips.
“Dominic I’m going to---”. He knew, and he decided to give her that first.
He kissed her tenderly and moved his thumb over her bud, his fingers deep inside her. “Cassie I know, let go, do it”, he whispered, and left his lips soft against her mouth as she moaned and thrust on his fingers coming. It seemed to last a long time and Dominic liked that. He looked at her with love as she finally opened her eyes and smiled a little at him.
He wanted to be inside her and he reached over her to the drawer in the bedside table to find a condom. He couldn’t find one, and because he was kissing Cassie as she stroked his erection, he stopped kissing her to look into the drawer.
Cassie took the opportunity to move down his body and take him into her mouth. She felt his intake of breath as she did it and held his hips still before moving a hand to hold him low on his shaft and suck him.
Dominic let the feeling of complete pleasure soothe his worry about not finding a condom. He held Cassie’s head gently with his hands in her hair. As he looked down at her, Cassie shifted her body and moved her leg over his so that he could feel her entrance wet against the top of his shin. Her hair fell over his lower stomach. She was doing amazing things with her tongue and his gaze fell on the lovely curve of her bottom and length of her satiny thighs.
Dominic felt his orgasm rise up from his thighs as Cassie’s hair feathered across them. The sensation rippled up him all the way to his lips and he groaned. Cassie kept him in her mouth until she knew he had completely finished.
She had never known quite what to do with the mouthful of seed and this seemed like such a lot. Without thinking too much about it she swallowed and then kissed up his stomach and chest until she nuzzled against his throat.
Dominic could feel her moving gently against his thigh and sighed at the pleasure it gave him to feel her damp entrance on his skin.
“Cassie”, he whispered, as she sucked a little at the base of his throat.

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