On Writing: Sylvia Plath

Do you ever feel like there's nothing left to say? Like it's all been said and done before? Doubt is one of those things that keeps us from pursuing our dreams, and valuing our creativity as we ought. Many times a reader tells me how they love something I've written and it strikes me anew that hey, I wrote that. I think the doubt is one of the things that helps us to perfect our work.  

When doubt strikes me, I switch on the Tom Petty and let music soothe my soul. 

How do you deal with doubt? 



  1. When it comes to my writing I have a special someone whose ear I talk off until he calms me down...other doubts aren't as simple to deal with...next time I'll try Tom Petty, he comes highly rated. :)

  2. I think writing voluminously definitely helps with my doubt. When you write so many words a day about so many things (and the same things over and over and over) somehow the doubt tends to drip away....

    Although every once in a while.....

    Julie Jordan Scott
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