Top 5: Sunshine Songs to Chase Away the Gloom

I'm a sun lover- 
Not a sun worshiper- my pale skin can't take the heat, you know? 

But nothing stirs my soul like a beautiful sunrise or a clear blue sky. 

So after a week of cloudy skies, I though I'd dig out my favorite "sun" songs for you all this week. 

The first one is a lively 80's piece that practically makes me dance in my kitchen! (shh...no, you don't wanna see that! It ain't a graceful sight!) 

1.  Katrina and the Waves - Walking on Sunshine
2. ZZ TOP - Cheap Sunglasses
3. Terry Jacks -  Seasons in the Sun
4.  Cheryl Crow - Soak Up the Sun 
5. The Beatles - Here Comes the Sun

So here's hoping you get some sunshine this week to inspire your creativity, your garden, or just a wave of good will! 



  1. 1 and 5 are my faves. 3 is seriously sad but I love it too.

    1. Seasons in the Sun is Sad, but it is kind of heart warming to me too for some reason.

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