Recipe Theme of the Month: Bite Size Nibbles- Appetizers

For April I'm choosing a theme of appetizers. Tiny, bite size treats that make you wish they were a full meal, all month long. Some of these are things we do all the time, others are things I'd like to try. The first one is a nifty little trick I saw in Southern Living called Pinchos.

Southern Living 
Apparently this is a Spanish dish, but I would think you could create a theme for these around any country, region, or even holiday.

Their suggestions:

Skewer any two items on a pick, and serve a colorful assortment on a tray. Try our combinations, or experiment with some of your own.

  • Cube of salami + small gherkin pickle
  • Cube of fontina cheese + dried Mission fig quarter
  • Quartered marinated artichoke heart + 1 boiled medium-size shrimp
  • ½ small fresh mozzarella ball + rolled-up roasted red bell pepper strip
  • ½ pickled okra + one piece of country ham
My thoughts: 

  • A Curl of Salami + a cube of Provolone 
  • A Grape Tomato with a Ribbon of Basil + a cube of mozzarella
  • Pickled Asparagus + a Cube of Ham 
  • A chunk of fresh pineapple, a mint leaf + a cube of feta cheese
  • A curl of bacon + a Smoked oyster

 Just rambling there, but the endless possibilities... and then, you know, who doesn't like food on a stick? Hehe...

Any idea what you think would be good on a stick? lol


  1. sounds yummy indeed nice portable lunches to prepare head for us that sit in front of the computer and like a nice pretty meal lol.


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