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Good morning everyone! *sips coffee* I overslept- missed the sunrise and the first cup of coffee…had to make a whole new pot as a matter of fact. I’m testing out a new service this coming week called Graze. They send you a selection of healthy snacks for a small fee each week. It's a subscription service, like … well, like nothing I can think of. I admit, sometimes, I am too lazy to fix my own snack. So I...uh… eat stuff I know I shouldn't. Like half a jar of olives… or a peanut butter sandwich. I'm not sure how this is going to go, because I do actually prefer to make my own food as a general rule. 

Maybe a few boxes of new to me snacks will stir up some creativity in preparing my own ahead of time. I'm already curious about how I can make "tiny bite size cookies" There snack blends contain a variety of tiny bite size cookies, which I think I'd really like to replicate… We shall see. First up in the test kitchen- tiny bite size brownie bites. Throw some of those in a bag with walnuts, etc and I can totally claim I made my own trail mix, right?

Hm. What would be my ideal writer's blend? Nuts… lots of nuts… those brownie bites… a salty pretzel or two, dried cranberry? Have to think about it. What about you? What are your favorite bits of the trail mix? What would you put in your personal blend?

What is the most important day in Egypt?
Mummy's Day!

I'm late! I'm late! For finishing up the post for Story Orgy today, Mum's the Word part eight. When last we checked in our heroes were in a dark creepy basement… Today we'll see if they've discovered anything new. After that, I've got a lot of words to add to At the Heart of Christmas and the next chapter of Dead Money to get written. I am so behind… And edits for Telling the Truth are due any time now

Plans are also underway for the September 29th National Coffee Day sale. I'm going to spend some time today setting discounts and tagging titles with the hashtag #booksncoffee. My book page over there is looking good. And just to prove my point that All Romance is more author and sale friendly, I've been invited to participate in their October Monster Giveaway. I've so far donated copies of three books for the giveaway, but I'm planning to add some more. So if you shop ARe in October, you could win one of my books!

Did you know I have my own FaceBook group that I share with my bestie Havan Fellows? You can come on over and Crawl in Bed with us anytime just by joining! 

Thanks for stopping by and letting me ramble. Now I've got the whole extent of what lies ahead of me today, I'd best get to work. I'll leave you with this… Billy Idol Rebel Yell 

Like A Wolf – 
A Contemporary M/M Romance

To triumph, you must face your competition.
That was what the fortune cookie said.

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