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Good morning everyone! We've made it to Thursday, and the sun is still ashining away! That means I have a guest on the blog today courtesy of my connection with Will over at Pride Promotions. Click here to read a saucy Crawl in Bed Interview with JK Hogan, author of Unbreak Broken

Congratulations go out to my friend and fellow Pulp Friction author Laura Harner today on her new release, Coming Home Texas. This is book one in a new m/m series for Laura and it is awesome. Get your copy today and fall in love with Brandon and Joe. 

Why couldn't the mummy play outside?
He was all wrapped up in chores!

Yesterday I added a few thousand words to the Christmas story I'm writing with Havan fellows and today, I'll be focusing on Mum's the Word. Another chapter of that is due next Monday, but more importantly, I'm running out of time to get the story finished. Only about five posts to go. Of course, I'm in the same situation with the Pulp Friction story, Dead Money. That's due to the editor on the 1st. What would writers do without deadlines to inspire us?

I've got a good start on the sale over at All Romance for National Coffee Day. Will be adding a link and Pinterest board to the side bar today or tomorrow. For a preview of titles on sale, click here: #booksncoffee. More titles to be added later.

In other news, I am excited about this article,  about a pre-Roman tomb unearthed in Pompeii. I have long been interested in archaeology and the ancient world. Not just because of Indiana Jones and Harrison Ford and the glamour and adventure portrayed in the movies, either. Nope. I am fascinated by the way our cultures have grown and changed. For better or worse, our world is the way it is in part due to the actions and beliefs of these ancient people… Incredible, isn't it?

Speaking of things from the past… Rocking out this morning to this eighties hit: Boy George and Culture Club Karma Chameleon . *sigh* I had the BIGGEST crush on Boy George back then. He's still a very handsome man. 

Time to refill this coffee mug and get to work.
Y'all have a great Thursday! 

Like A Wolf 

To triumph, you must face your competition. 
That's what the fortune cookie said. 


 The man standing at a host’s podium was worthy of the reaction his voice had caused. He was tall, broad of shoulder and narrow of waist. His hair hung in a smooth curtain of darkness to the shoulders of his simple white dress shirt, nearly bursting at the seams trying to contain the muscles packed into that frame. 

“I…we…” His voice gave out, probably because all his brain cells were focused on striving to see through the gloom to make the blur of white that was the man’s face into an image to go along with the voice and the figure. 

“You have a reservation.” The voice purred smoothly along his skin…stroking it, leaving prickling hairs rising in its wake.

“You know who I am?” Startled, he moved closer and found himself under intense scrutiny from a pair of tawny gold eyes with a curious, elongated slant, almost Asian. “I…” Again, he was at a loss for words. 

“No.” A soft chuckle broke the silence before it could grow awkward, and Robert started. That chuckle went straight to his groin. “You’re standing at my podium, and…” He raised a big hand in a cavalier gesture. “The rest is logic. Name please?” 

“Red…ding.” Robert was grateful for the shadowy darkness that hid his face…and his blush, hopefully, from the man at the podium. “Um… Robert.”

The chuckle erupted into a full-throated, husky, ball-tightening laugh. “Ah, Red, I am the Wolf. Henry Wolf, to be precise. My friends call me Hank.”


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