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Good morning everyone! *sips coffee* What's everyone up to today? I've just been working on publishing Like a Wolf at Smashwords- which will distribute to iTunes, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and so forth- and All Romance eBooks. Previously it was and still is at Amazon. I had it in the Kindle Unlimited program for a while to see how that worked, and the answer was… so-so. So, the great news of the day is that you can now purchase Like a Wolf at other vendors. This books sports a sexy cover by Laura Harner and was edited by the astute Jae Ashley. It's inspired by the nursery story Little Red Riding Hood. Sort of… If you're interested, scroll on down to the bottom of the page for the blurb and buy links.

In other news, I have discovered that September 29th is National Coffee Day. I know, me too. I was like, but isn't every day coffee day? Anyway, I couldn't let Coffee Day (which is kind of the national holiday of writers, right?) pass without doing something to celebrate. So, since All Romance eBooks is by far the easiest online retailer to work with sales wise, what with Smashwords requiring coupons and Amazon being… well, Amazon, I'm have a huge sale over at All Romance on the 29th. Don't worry I'll remind you. I'm planning to use the book tag #booksncoffee, so you'll be able to click over there and use their search function to find books with that tag.

My lovely editor says she'll have the next round of Telling the Truth edits to me early this week, so that's on the project list. I'm going man shopping here in a few minutes so Laura has pics to use for the cover. Then Havan tells me I'm up for the next round of At the Heart of Christmas (still just a working title). And today is THE day. Mum's the Word Part eight must be done today for posting here tomorrow. That's a lot of words to be written today!

I'd best throw on some motivation and get to work! Foreigner Blue Morning, Blue Day 
Y'all enjoy your Sunday fun day!

Like A Wolf – A Contemporary M/M Romance

To triumph, you must face your competition.

That was what the fortune cookie said.
Young, fresh, and wise beyond his years, Robert Redding finds culinary success and contentment with The Lunch Basket, his upscale diner that dishes up good old-fashioned country food. Serving the food he loves to his customers has always made him happy. He sees no need to step outside his comfort zone. He doesn’t want to be famous; he just wants to feed people.

Every good meal should be served with an edge of danger…

At least, that’s Hank Wolf’s philosophy of food. Step through the doors of Hungry and you’re putting yourself in his hands. In the kitchen, Hank is in control of everything, and the result is a mouthwatering dining experience that the whole town loves. Letting go of the tight control he has on every aspect of his life just isn’t in the recipe.

Curiosity leads Robbie to Hank’s so he can see for himself what all the fuss is about. and the attraction between the two chefs comes to a quick boil. But give these two restaurateurs the same ingredients and watch haute cuisine and home-style come head-to-head.   

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