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Good morning friends and readers. *sips coffee* I'm so sorry that I wasn't able to post yesterday; I was under the weather. Today, the weather is cheery and bright and the coffee steaming hot. Awesome.

 I want to thank everyone right off the bat for all the sales at All Romance of Like a Wolf. I woke up this morning to find that if was a best seller in both the short story and the drama categories. That little star may not look like much, but it means to world to most of us authors. So thank you.

I got a glimpse today of the clever, quirky fun cover art for A Man of Unusual Talent being designed
by Startled Monkeys Media. I cannot WAIT to show it to you, it's so awesome. That book is planned for release at the end of this month. It's a fun sort of contemporary sort of paranormal romance that requires a bit of suspension of disbelief, but what else would you expect of a super hero story?

I look at my schedule and realize that I am so far behind that catching up just might be impossible. According to my notes, I have three stories that I need to finish this month. That would be in the next seven days. No more sick days for me! Have to meet those word count deadlines.

Progress report: Mum's the Word chapter eight posted HERE yesterday. Things are starting to pick up there, but I just realized that I only have about 5 posts left to finish the story, and well… I'd better pick up the pace, huh? At the Heart of Christmas… well, Havan wrote the steamiest scene ever and I'm picking it up the next morning. Got to get that delightful glow in before it all falls apart, right?

I discovered a new show from my sick bed yesterday. I think it was pretty good though I'm assured that I snored through large portions of it. It was a series about some law students and a professor, and a murder. I'm not sure who committed the murder, or how it all ties up together. But it was very entertaining, and there's a very cute gay couple- well, hopefully they'll end up a couple- any way, if you've got an hour to spare, give How to Get Away with Murder a watch.

Meanwhile, I've got yesterday's word count added to today's, so I'd best get to work. I'll leave you with this… Poison's Talk Dirty to Me 

And this… because everyone needs a chuckle, right?

Like A Wolf 

To triumph, you must face your competition. 
That's what the fortune cookie said. 


 The man standing at a host’s podium was worthy of the reaction his voice had caused. He was tall, broad of shoulder and narrow of waist. His hair hung in a smooth curtain of darkness to the shoulders of his simple white dress shirt, nearly bursting at the seams trying to contain the muscles packed into that frame. 

“I…we…” His voice gave out, probably because all his brain cells were focused on striving to see through the gloom to make the blur of white that was the man’s face into an image to go along with the voice and the figure. 

“You have a reservation.” The voice purred smoothly along his skin…stroking it, leaving prickling hairs rising in its wake.

“You know who I am?” Startled, he moved closer and found himself under intense scrutiny from a pair of tawny gold eyes with a curious, elongated slant, almost Asian. “I…” Again, he was at a loss for words. 

“No.” A soft chuckle broke the silence before it could grow awkward, and Robert started. That chuckle went straight to his groin. “You’re standing at my podium, and…” He raised a big hand in a cavalier gesture. “The rest is logic. Name please?” 

“Red…ding.” Robert was grateful for the shadowy darkness that hid his face…and his blush, hopefully, from the man at the podium. “Um… Robert.”

The chuckle erupted into a full-throated, husky, ball-tightening laugh. “Ah, Red, I am the Wolf. Henry Wolf, to be precise. My friends call me Hank.”

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