Power of Coffee, Pumpkin Spice Leather, Motley Crue #writestuff #caffeinateme

Good morning everyone! So loving this gorgeous fall weather. It's crisp and sunny and soul inspiring, you know? 

To celebrate, I'm making a risky venture. I mixed up some pumpkin puree and some applesauce with some spice and threw it in the dehydrator. Pumpkin spice leather, anyone? I'll have to let you know tomorrow how it turns out because dehydration is a long term process.

Okay- Works for me. 
I've been busy this morning getting Telling the Truth all set up at Amazon, Smashwords, and All Romance for pre-order. The release date is scheduled for October 7th. You can check that out at SMASHWORDS and All Romance eBooks. Amazon, of course, is mulling it over. To be honest, they might just boot it off, because you know… TWINS! And they don't like that. Dinosaurs are okay, and um… tentacles and Sasquatch, but no kinky stuff… Right, Amazon.

Now that that is accomplished, Havan has returned At the Heart of Christmas to me, and it's once again my turn to pick up Sprocket and Chaz's story. *rubs palms together* It's date night… I'll let you think over what that's going to entail. *snicker*

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So the day is slipping away rapidly, and I really need to get at least three thousand words done today. So I'm going to leave you this… Motley Crue (on a real 80's kick lately!)

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